When sending large or multiple files we recommend that you compress your files.
Some basic instructions are shown below.

In Mac OS X you can compress files and folders directly in the finder. Simply right-click or control-click on any icon to access the pop-up menu. Select 'Create Archive' from the list and your done.

To use DropStuff, drag and drop files and/or folders on to either the DropStuff icon, or into the new DropStuff application Window. When you drag and drop multiple items, those items are combined into a single archive file. You can download Stuffit here.

To create a new Zip file, open WinZip in the WinZip Wizard mode. (If the WinZip Wizard does not open by default, just click the Wizard button in the toolbar.) You will be asked "What do you want to do?" Simply select "Create a new Zip file" and click Next. The WinZip Wizard will guide you through the entire process.When you become more familiar with Zip file operations, you can also try the WinZip Classic interface. The Classic interface offers many advanced features that are not available in the WinZip Wizard. Using the Classic interface, you can split large Zip files into smaller parts to overcome e-mail and other size limits; view, extract, and run individual files in a Zip file; remove files from an existing Zip file; encrypt your confidential files so that they can't be used without a password; and much more. To try the Classic interface, simply click the WinZip Classic button in the WinZip Wizard. Extensive program help is available for every aspect of WinZip Classic operation. You can download WinZip here.