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Send us your files via the web in a few easy steps.
1. Complete the form below.
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3. Upload File.


Alternately, you can click here and use You Send It website free service to send files to us.


Guidelines: Delete any symbols " ( & , ' * ) * , " in your file name. Limit folder name to 20 characters. Compress ALL the files/folders into a single "Zip" or "stuff" archive before uploading.
How to "Zip" or "Stuff" files information can be found here.
Microsoft Publisher Special Instructions


If you are sending a HIGH-RESOLUTION PDF, use these settings:
Preset: PDF/X-1a
Change compatibility to: Acrobat 8
Marks & Bleeds = "Crop Marks" & "Page Information" checked
Bleeds = .125" top, bottom, left and right
Output: Color Conversion: Convert to Destination
Destination: U.S. Sheetfed Coated v2
Profile Inclusion: Don't Include Profiles
Ink Manager: 4c only, or 4c + Spot Colors



Fill in the form and click on the "Submit & Go To Upload" for the next step. Upon successful upload, the Redding Printing Service Representative will receive a confirmation e-mail of your files' arrival at our servers.

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