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Redding Printing acquires
new Digital Presses

Redding Printing proudly offers you two new cutting-edge digital printing options. Our new Direct Image "DI" offset press prints beautiful color quality and image detail. We use stochastic screening for incredibly sharp detail – the equivalent of 430 line screen printing. Most printers use a line screen ranging between 133 and 200 lines per inch – our DI press offers nearly twice the detail.DI Press

Our second new arrival is the digital press that has revolutionized the printing industry.
Recipient of the "Best of the Best" Award, the DocuColor produces beautiful color prints in quantities as few as 20.

Redding Printing now features the latest digital and offset press technology.
Whether you need 50, 5000, or 50,000, we have the right press to deliver a picture-perfect job with fast turnaround – at an affordable price.Digital Docucolor


Redding Printing: Quality Service. Small Town Prices. Great Reputation.

Since 1937, Redding Printing Company, Inc. has delivered award-winning printing services to our clients throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Powered by innovative technology, fueled by outstanding customer service, and teamed with years of knowledge, we guarantee a first class image.

This kind of style demands high-performance capabilities. Together with trusted business partners like Adobe and Heidelberg, we're driven to finish each and every job to perfection. With careful attention to detail, our team of experienced professionals delivers the finest printed products available anywhere - and for less than you might expect.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Redding Printing Company utlizes Soy Ink products

We are committed to recycling and preserving our environment, our community, and our world.

Redding Printing is eco-friendly and is a proud recycler of 99% of it's waste paper, waste inks, press room wash and printing plates. Our prepress and platemaking departments use chemical-free solutions.

We offer a full line of soy inks and an array of recycled papers for customers to choose from.

Printed with Soy Inks

Redding Printing Company utlizes Soy Ink products

Redding Printing is proud to offer Soy Plus inks. These inks are soy-based and contain less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). They have been formulated to achieve excellent gloss, rub-resistance and dot reproduction, while complying with the need to be environmentally sound. Soy Plus inks are "laser safe" and are more easily stripped from paper when it's time to recycle.

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